At District we feel development in sustainability is important.

The polyester used for our jackets is a raw material made of oil. Mining oil is not a typical activity linked to durability and therefore we use more and more fabrics & accessories made of existing polyesters.This can be old worn polyester garments or used PET bottles.

To guarantee the "recycled status" our fabric mills are affiliated with the Global Recycle Standard. More information on this can be found at



During development and production of our jackets we try to re-use fabric samples and cutting-waste. An example of the re-use of these fabrics is Stitch in Haarlem, the Netherlands that we donate to., who is re-using the fabric scraps for new sewing projects with kids.



Not only do we try to minimize the use of new polyester in the production of our jackets but also in packaging. We we are looking for polybags made of recycled plastics. This development is ongoing and followed closely.


To cut down energy consumption we recommend to wash at a low temperature, 30 degrees. Washing on low temperature reduces energy consumption and the jackets will keep a better look & shape.

Tumble try we do not recommend, unless the padding needs a little extra tumbling. We recommend tumbling on low temperature.



Recycling helps to avoid pollution, cuts down energy consumption, creates a responsible use of materials and reduces our CO2 footprint.

This way we avoid polluting and exhausting our earth and help to build a greener future.